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Clara Olé is named in honor of Clara, the wife of Mr. Ruben Sysu, who is the founder of Sysu Internationatl, Inc. “Olé” is a Spanish word that connotes celebration, good cheer, and thanksgiving.

The brand Clara Olé calls to mind the spirit and passion of Spain and hopes to make every meal a sumptuous celebration. The brand started with the production of jams and preserves (e.g. nata de coco, kaong, etc.) in 1987. However, in 1997, Clara Olé discontinued its preserves due to stiff competition from the backyard industries. Clara Olé Jam and Jelly’s flavors were also streamlined.

About Us
About Us


In 2001, Clara Olé launched its Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti Sauce line (Sweet Style and Italian Style) in a stand-up pouch. From then on, the brand was able to come up with several variants and SKUs for its tomato-based sauce products.

In 2003, Clara Olé presented two new Spaghetti Sauce variants namely Three-Cheese and Mushroom. It was also in 2003 when the Marinade category was introduced in the market. It started first with the Barbecue Marinade – Original & Spicy variants. The brand was the first to initiate a marinade in a stand-up pouch.

2005, another two new Spaghetti Sauce and Marinade variants were launched. These were Bacon & Cheese Spaghetti Sauce, Onion & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce, Tapa, and Tocino Marinades. The fast-moving Spaghetti Sauce items such as Sweet-Style, Italian-Style, and Three-Cheese were made available in 1kg packaging.


2006, Clara Olé entered the syrup category with 3 variants of the Pancake Syrup namely Original, Maple and Cinnamon flavor while 2 variants of the Chocolate Syrup such as Choco (Regular) and Choco-Nut Syrup. It likewise expanded the range by re-introducing some of the variants of the jams and jellies and the introduction of the sugar-free flavors. These were the Calamansi and Dalandan Jellies, Blueberry Jam, Sugar-Free Strawberry, and Sugar-Free Orange Marmalade. 

2007, the brand entered a new category again which was called Dips n’ Dressings. Six varieties – Thousand Island, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Asian, Ranch & Wasabi, all in a stand-up pouch. In the last quarter of the year, some Clara Olé products packaging were down-sized and were referred to as Singles thus making it more available to mass-market. These products were the Marinades (BBQ Original, Tapa & Tocino) and four of the variants of Dips n’ Dressings (Thousand Island, Caesar, Asian & Wasabi). 

2008, Clara Olé ventured in introducing Ora Mix, a NO MSG added Specialty Fried Rice Mix fortified with Iron and NO MSG added. 

With these, Clara Olé continues to hold its promise in offering value for money, convenience, exciting new products to its valued consumers. Anticipate that they will continue to experience and savor the flavor 

About Us

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From savory dressings to sweet and decadent syrups, Clara Olé products
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