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Clara Olé Spaghetti Sauces Get a Makeover

Noodles and pasta have become a big part of our life and its big moments. Spaghetti is a more recent addition to our rich culinary history compared to its centuries-old Chinese counterpart, the pancit. For us Filipinos however, the term spaghetti came to be known as a dish in itself, usually served with a savory, tomato-based red sauce then topped with grated cheddar cheese. But thanks to the ever changing food trends, we soon learned that we can enjoy these same delicious flavors in so many other ways.

The brand Clara Olé assures that we are getting the same quality and taste that we have come to know and love. Only the packaging has changed to a better and friendlier look. The new look, which brings the same flavors on spaghetti and different types of pasta, aims to inspire adventure and creativity in cooks and food lovers who like to go beyond the usual to enjoy many delicious options.

Clara Olé Three-Cheese Pasta Sauce maintains the full-bodied goodness of select Italian cheeses combined with the natural sweetness of tomatoes. Clara Olé Sweet Style Pasta Sauce still carries its extra-sweet blend of tomatoes and quality herbs and spices. Clara Olé Italian Style Pasta Sauce retains its refreshing, sour-sweet flavors, while Clara Olé Filipino Style Pasta Sauceremains as an all-time comfort food with its savory-sweet Filipino taste.

Clara Olé’s new look also recommends many exciting possibilities. There are many types of pasta available in the market today and spaghetti is just one of them. Long pasta includes spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, linguine, spaghettini, the list goes on. Just like the pancit, we like to have spaghetti on our birthdays because we believe these will give us long life. Some pasta come in the form of sheets such as those used in the famous lasagna. Short pasta such as macaroni, penne, fusilli (corkscrew or twists) and farfalle (ribbons) give us a different kind of fun. Long or short, pasta can be enjoyed with the same sauce that we use for spaghetti. But because pasta comes in many different shapes, every type of pasta offers us a different kind of satisfaction and adventure.

All this big interest in cooking and eating out goes to show that there is fashion in food, too. This means keeping up with the times by dressing up the way food is presented.

Indeed, there are endless ways to enjoy Clara Olé Pasta Sauce with the same deliciously flavorful taste you love, not just with spaghetti but with fetuccine, penne, lasagne, macaroni or your new choice of pasta!

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