Potluck Perfect

October 08, 2015

The season of parties and potluck is here! To those who don’t want the pressure of creating an entire menu, potluck is the best way to bring people together. Potluck is informal, flexible on the budget and less stress for all. What to bring? First, here are 10 thoughtful tips to consider when hosting and attending a potluck party. Is there a theme? Whether it’s Pinoy Fiesta or Parisian Night, guests will have more fun eating if everyone sticks to the theme as closely as possible. Who’s in…

Food & Reflections

October 08, 2015

So it’s the New Year and we are back in the grind. Although it has taken a lot of willpower for most of us to shift from holiday mode to reality, the first month of 2013 has flown as quickly as the arrival and departure of the last Christmas rush. But here I am still reeling from all the indulgent eating, now desperately trying to shake off all the extra weight gained from the holiday sins. You know what I’m saying, especially if you tried our recipes – the savory herbed chicken mushroom pasta,…

Pot Sessions-Episode 1

October 06, 2015

Learn how to cook the Clara Ole way! Want to learn how to cook? Or are you running out of ideas of what to prepare? Don’t fret. Learn how to cook quick and delectable dishes with A Cook-Without-A-Book Adventure Series by Clara Ole Pot Sessions. It is a series of ‘instructional’ cooking videos showing demonstrating easy-to-prepare recipes made more sumptuous with Clara Ole products. A Cook-Without-A-Book Adventure Series by Clara Ole Pot Sessions is part of Clara Ole’s commitment to bring…

“Maligayang Pasko Bunso” Feeding Program

October 06, 2015

Clara Ole gives back through its “Maligayang Pasko Bunso” Feeding Program Nothing brings joy to the heart like the smiles of 64 orphans and youth delighting over ice cream, cotton candy, and nicely wrapped presents underneath a Christmas tree! Clara Ole launched the first leg of its feeding program for orphanages and hospitals last December 2, Monday, at the Asociacion de Damas Filipinas, a child-caring facility in Paco, Manila. It was a fun-filled afternoon that began with song and dance numbers…

New Look, Same Flavors, Endless Possibilities

October 06, 2015

Clara Olé Spaghetti Sauces Get a Makeover Noodles and pasta have become a big part of our life and its big moments. Spaghetti is a more recent addition to our rich culinary history compared to its centuries-old Chinese counterpart, the pancit. For us Filipinos however, the term spaghetti came to be known as a dish in itself, usually served with a savory, tomato-based red sauce then topped with grated cheddar cheese. But thanks to the ever changing food trends, we soon learned that we can enjoy…

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