Maligayang Pasko Bunso Feeding Program - Part 3

August 27, 2015

Unbreakable Spirits!

They laughed, cheered and giggled in delight just as children do. The joy was overwhelming enough for them to forget for a few hours about the IVs and tubes that held them to their hospital beds and wheelchairs. Clara Ole will always remember this inspiring group of children who are bravely battling diseases like leukemia and heart and kidney conditions.

Clara Ole made its 3rd stop in the MALIGAYANG PASKO, BUNSO feeding program last December 10 at the National Children’s Hospital, a government hospital in Quezon City in which 90% of patients are indigents.

The children enjoyed the hot, delicious meals of spaghetti and fried chicken and received delightful gifts from Clara Ole. They cheered over loot bags of toys and goodies from Santa Claus who paid them a surprise visit!

Clara Ole wishes to thank Director Epifania Simbul of the National Children’s Hospital for opening their doors to Clara Ole and allowing the team to experience a most genuine spirit of hope and cheer these young children bring.

You may visit the National Children’s Hospital website at to learn more about the children and how you can help them. Your support will be greatly appreciated. CLARAOLE


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